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Might be the end of the world...

...but we're still here...

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Birthdate:Mar 7
Location:Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States of America

About Me

&heartsName/Alias: Kiarae
Other Names: Rhode // Crow // Kuro // EMO // *insert real name here*
Gender: Female
General Likes: Anime (currently Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, D.Gray-Man, One Piece) // Manga // Writing // Reading // Iconin // RP
Specific Likes: Purple // Sugar // Dark Chocolate // Tweety Bird // SLEEP

Journal Information

Friends Only
NOT quite "comment to be added" FO journal either. Please comment so I'll know you friended me (my notifications for such things are always turned off, I'm afraid), but only if I've either met you in real life or from somewhere online. I'm not into random friending.
My icon journal is [info]heartofnoah if you're more interested in that
This journal is used for random manga rants, memes, and fangirl squeeing. Even if I do knwo you somehow and you still want to be my friend TREAD WITH CAUTION. I will lj-cut things for manga spoilers, but I do not use the spoiler tag all that often. You are warned.

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